Auto Refresh the Excel fields programmatically

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Jul 7, 2014 at 10:54 AM
We are using the Excel Package to read and write the values in the excel cells on Front-end Sheet. We have Back-end Sheet which refers to the fields of the front-end sheet where the fields will be updated automatically based on the formula mentioned.

There are 2 ways the front-end sheet will be updated.
  1. User will manually enter the values in the front-end sheet which is getting updated in the back-end sheet. This is working as expected.
  2. The values will be written programmatically in the frontend sheet but these values are not getting updated in the backend sheet. By navigating to the backend sheet, selecting the fields and once the Enter button is clicked then the values are getting updated. The fields in this option are not getting automatically calculated based on the formula.
Please help us in sorting out the issue.

Thanks and Regards.