Issue in SSIS Debug mode not finding EPPlus.dll

I created a new SSIS project in BIDS (Visual Studio) 2008 and created a C# script task. I set the framework to 3.5 and added a reference to EPPlus.dll. I am getting the following error when attem...

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Reading "excel" file using openxml concept

environment : no ms office installed. Hi, i tried reading the excel file in the environment by open xml concept ,where the ms office is not installed.It worked fine. but if a cell value contai...

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Adding hyperlink corrupts the file

I am trying to add a hyperlink (URI) to an external website from the content of a cell. It does not give any error during run-time. However, when I try to open the file, I cannot. It says that the ...

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Deleting a worksheet...

I noted that when I try delete a worksheet that i have created it gives me a "IndexOutOfRangeException" but if i create a worksheet into excel manually and not by ExcelPackage.Workbook.Worksheets.A...

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Generate xlsx file with lot of data

Hello There, I am trying to generate excel file using the ExcelPackage DLL. I have a dataset, with multiple data table. I want to put all the data from different tables to one excel file. It is wo...

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EP2P or EPPlus Excel creation Issue

Hi, I am using EP2P in my project to generate excel sheets(inside SSIS). Its working fine in lower environments, but in production its giving the below error System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedSto...

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ExcelColumn.Width parsing error

While trying to get column width, which is not integer (eg. 40.25), I got FormatException - it is raised because Width getter contains "int.Parse" instead of "double.Parse". I think that changing t...

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Catastrophic failure . with merged cells

/xl/worksheets/sheet.xml part with XML error. Catastrophic failure . I am generating Excel using C#. The Excel contains merged cells. If I remove these merged cell there is no issue.

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Getting error Converter failed to open the file

I have create Excel file using the sample code "ExcelPackageSamples". When I open the excel I get error "Converter failed to open the file". I am using Office 2003

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Number formats and datatypes

Hello,   After opening created file by excel itself, I see that numeric areas are seen as text instead of numeric so orderings are not working properly. User needs to update these cells definitions...

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