"BarClustered3D" not working

hello, how to cancel one attached file in the issue? and how to cancel a issue???

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Unable to copy a worsheet from one workbook to another workbook in Office Open XML

We are working Web API and using Office Open XML for Excel data. When we tried to copy an ExcelWorksheet from one Workbook to another Workbook in ExcelPackage: 1.The option is not present in the ...

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Issue in SSIS Debug mode not finding EPPlus.dll

I created a new SSIS project in BIDS (Visual Studio) 2008 and created a C# script task. I set the framework to 3.5 and added a reference to EPPlus.dll. I am getting the following error when attem...

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Reading "excel" file using openxml concept

environment : no ms office installed. Hi, i tried reading the excel file in the environment by open xml concept ,where the ms office is not installed.It worked fine. but if a cell value contai...

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Adding hyperlink corrupts the file

I am trying to add a hyperlink (URI) to an external website from the content of a cell. It does not give any error during run-time. However, when I try to open the file, I cannot. It says that the ...

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Deleting a worksheet...

I noted that when I try delete a worksheet that i have created it gives me a "IndexOutOfRangeException" but if i create a worksheet into excel manually and not by ExcelPackage.Workbook.Worksheets.A...

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Generate xlsx file with lot of data

Hello There, I am trying to generate excel file using the ExcelPackage DLL. I have a dataset, with multiple data table. I want to put all the data from different tables to one excel file. It is wo...

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EP2P or EPPlus Excel creation Issue

Hi, I am using EP2P in my project to generate excel sheets(inside SSIS). Its working fine in lower environments, but in production its giving the below error System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedSto...

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ExcelColumn.Width parsing error

While trying to get column width, which is not integer (eg. 40.25), I got FormatException - it is raised because Width getter contains "int.Parse" instead of "double.Parse". I think that changing t...

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Catastrophic failure . with merged cells

/xl/worksheets/sheet.xml part with XML error. Catastrophic failure . I am generating Excel using C#. The Excel contains merged cells. If I remove these merged cell there is no issue.

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