Unable to copy a worsheet from one workbook to another workbook in Office Open XML

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Oct 10, 2014 at 2:48 PM
We are working Web API and using Office Open XML for Excel data.
When we tried to copy an ExcelWorksheet from one Workbook to another Workbook in ExcelPackage:
  1. The option is not present in the Office Open XML
  2. When we tried using the Inner xml copying from one work book to another, it will not throw error while running the application, but while opening the excel file, it throws corrupted sheet error. (Code: xlpackage.Workbook.Worksheets["Shhet1"].WorksheetXml.InnerXml = xcelNewWorkSheet.WorksheetXml.InnerXml;)
Are there any ways to copy worksheet from one workbook to another in Office Open XML?