current binaries do not seem to support the .style sample code

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Feb 26, 2008 at 4:51 PM
I've been able to replicate much of the functionality in the sample code. But, writing text out to a cell is currently overriding the default formatting of the template. When I open the created Excel, all cells are Calibri 11 with word wrap removed. Attempting to change the style does not seem to work:

I created a named sytel WordWrap, which I assign to a long text field as follows:

worksheet.Cell(row, 8).Style = "WordWrap";

However, when I echo back the style I've applied inside the worksheet with the following command:

worksheet.Cell(row, 9).Value = "cell 8 Style: " + worksheet.Cell(row, 8).Style.ToString();

I get back the following information: cell 8 Style: Normal

so, the style is still "normal" (which apparantly means Calibri 11 w/ no text wrapping. The style did not chage as it should based on the sample code.

Does the current binary release support style? If not, is there a previous release that does?